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In RoboCup MSL teams of five fully autonomous robots play soccer with a regular size FIFA soccer ball. Teams are free to design their own hardware but all sensors have to be on-board and there is a maximum size and weight for the robots. The research focus is on mechatronics design, control and multi-agent cooperation at plan and perception levels.


Executive Committee Technical Committee Organizing Committee
Wouter Houtman Valentin Gies Fei Liu
Seyed Ehsan Marjani Bajestani Xinzhe Lyu Moeko Tominaga
Zhiqian Zhou Jorrit Olthuis Shunxin Zhang

League Awards

Year Team Award Event
2021 Tech United Eindhoven 1st Place RoboCup 2021
2021 Robot Club Toulon 2nd Place RoboCup 2021
2021 VDL Robot Sports 3rd Place RoboCup 2021
2021 ASML Falcons 3rd Place RoboCup 2021
2019 Tech United 1st Place RoboCup 2019
2019 Water 2nd Place RoboCup 2019
2019 Falcons 3rd Place RoboCup 2019
2018 Tech United 1st Place RoboCup 2018
2018 CAMBADA 2nd Place RoboCup 2018
2018 Water 3rd Place RoboCup 2018
2017 Water 1st Place RoboCup 2017
2017 Tech United Eindhoven 2nd Place RoboCup 2017
2017 CAMBADA 3rd Place RoboCup 2017
2016 Tech United Eindhoven 1st Place RoboCup 2016
2016 Water 2nd Place RoboCup 2016
2016 CAMBADA 3rd Place RoboCup 2016


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