Upcoming Events

RoboParty 2024

From   21 Mar 2024  To   23 Mar 2024   https://www.roboparty.org/RPGuimaraes/index.php
RoboParty is a pedagogical event that brings together teams of 4 people, for 3 days and two nights (bring your sleeping bag) to teach how to build autonomous mobile robots in a simple and fun way, guided by qualified professionals. Initially, a short training is given (to learn how to get started in Electronics, robot programming, and mechanical engineering), then a robotic kit developed by botnroll.com and University of Minho is given, to be assembled by the participants (mechanics,...
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RoboCup German Open 2024

From   17 Apr 2024  To   21 Apr 2024   https://register.robocup.de/
The RoboCup Regional Committee Germany is very happy being able to
announce the first central German Open since the pandemic, including
many Major leagues as well as the final event of the best German
Junior teams. The German Open was organized in a decentralized manner
in 2023, 2022, 2021, while the last central RoboCup German Open was
held in 2019. A restart of the central event after 4 years requires
significant organization efforts. We ask for approval and support of
the RoboCup Federation for...
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RoboCupJunior European Championship 2024

From   13 Jun 2024  To   16 Jun 2024   https://2024.robocupjunior.eu/
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