Sven Behnke's NimbRo team wins MBZIRC2017

18 Mar 2017
The NimbRo team from the University of Bonn, Germany, lead by Sven Behnke, a long time RoboCup'er and currently a RoboCup Trustee, has won the MBZIRC2017 Grand Challenge, as well as Challenge 2, being third in Challenges 1 and 2.

MBZIRC is a new robot competition organised by the Khalifa University, from the UAE, which had its first edition this year, consisting of three Challenges involving outdoor single and multi-quadcopter teams, as well as a mobile manipulator, and a Grand Challenge combining them. 26 teams were selected as finalists, out of 143 applications.

Congratulations to Sven and his team for yet another successful participation in a major robot competition.