RoboCup Supports Robotics Education Worldwide

24 Jun 2016
RoboParty is an educational robotics event, where youngsters learn hands-on how to build a mobile and autonomous robot from scratch (electronics, mechanics, programming), guided by professionals, in a relaxed environment with ludic/sports activities. In the end, the participants keep the robot for themselves to continue their learning process and for participating in robotics events, like RoboCup or other national/regional competitions.
The Trustees of the RoboCup Federation consider RoboParty a very positive activity; and therefore, they decided to offer a visit to RoboCup’2016 (in Leipzig) to the best team in the challenges.
These participants of RoboParty have not yet participated in RoboCup.  This experience will make them aware of RoboCup and help to motivate them to become participants in RoboCup. The teams elected are from the schools “Escola Profissional de Almada” and “ATEC – Academia de Formação”. They will attend RoboCup to visit, meet participants and to learn rules of the competitions so that they can compete in the next edition.
The RoboParty organization would like to thank the RoboCup Federation for their support.