Call for Additional Participants: RoboCup Worldwide 2021 Standard Platform League

12 Apr 2021
Call for Additional Participants
RoboCup 2021 Standard Platform League
22nd June through 28th June 2021 (Virtual)

The Soccer SPL 2021 competition will be held virtually, and features 4 technical challenges, that a divided into local and remote challenges:
  • In the local challenges, teams compete in their own institutes on a suitable soccer field. Teams must demonstrate technical proficiency in the local challenges, such as passing and team co-ordination. Teams are ranked against all teams participating  in the same challenge. Local challenges do not have any direct team-to-team competition.
  • In the remote challenges, teams will deploy their software to robots at a host venue and directly compete against other teams. These challenges encourage teams to develop capabilities for remote code deployment, automatic calibration, and gameplay for a scaled-down form of SPL soccer.

Additional Participants for 2021
The Soccer Standard Platform League is seeking additional participants interested in competing in the 2021 virtual competition. Limited places have recently become available in the competition which are open to be filled by interested teams.
Teams that have already qualified for 2021 do not need to re-apply.

All applications material must be submitted by Friday April 9th 2021, by email to rc-spl-tc [at]
For details about the challenges, rules and submission process, please visit: